A lot of students neglect to create an outline when starting a project, although it is one of the most important things to do before starting on the writing part of the research paper.

Below a few tips are given by this dissertation writing service, which are invaluable for creating an effective research paper outline.

Annotations: Once all the research material related to the dissertation topic has been gathered, the next step is to annotate it. A student should take small cards or post it notes and fill them with relevant related information; this can help him highlight the main points of the research paper. A student can mark certain pages of magazines, newspapers and journals with bookmarks so that he can find important data easily later on or he could simply copy the relevant portion on textbooks. As a student takes down any necessary information he should also make small notes between margins or in sidelines for himself about where he is going to place a certain piece of information.

Organization: After annotation has been completed, a student should organize the information in ways that looks clear and concise. To do that student should place related information at one place. For example, if a student has been requested to write a book review, he should place all the relevant data related to the main characters at one place, the secondary characters at another place, major points in the plot in another place and so on. Some students even go as far as to color code their information. This can be done by coloring similar information in the same shade. For example, the information on characters can be colored yellow and the major plotline points can be colored blue and so on.

Referencing: As a student organizes his notes he should also take care to reference them to their related source. If a student waits till the end of the research paper to cite his sources, he will waste a lot of time in trying to find the related resource, therefore it is better to do this activity simultaneously.

Objective Identification: Although there are several different kinds of research papers, two of the most important types are the argumentative research paper and the analytical research paper.

An argumentative research papers allows the reader to speak for or against an issue, problem or hypothesis accompanied by logical arguments.

An analytical research paper allows the reader to form his own opinions and perspective about an important issue and serves to convince the reader about the merit of his concepts.

Before starting on a research paper a student should decide on one of these types of research paper.

Determining the Reader: It is important to keep in mind what kind of audience will read the research paper. If the student knows that the research paper will be read by an academic audience learned in the relevant field, he need not include too much background information in his paper. However if the paper is going to be viewed by a general audience, he needs to focus on adding detailed explanations and history of the research.

Thesis Statement Development: A research statement defines the core objective of the dissertation and what the writer means to achieve through his studies. It can be created from a question that your research paper will strive to answer; the answer will be the thesis statement itself. A thesis statement is concise yet should give all the main points present in the research paper.

Determination of Main Goals: the body will explain satisfactorily all the main points highlighted in the thesis statement. The strongest point will be placed at the beginning and the weakest point can be ignored entirely and deleted from the research paper. At least one paragraph will be dedicated to the explanation of one major point; more than one paragraphs can be used to explain the concept depending on the length of the paper.

Finalization: Now all a students need to do is toad bullets to the main points, format it and his outline is ready.

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